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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Volume 8, Issue 2

IBOAI®: A Strong Voice for IBOs Then, Now, and AlwaysIn 1965, there was plenty to celebrate, including the rapid growth of Amway in the early '60s, the establishment of an Association to represent Distributors (IBOs) in 1959, and the success of Amway's top Distributors.

The founders of the American Way Association were Jay Van Andel and Rich DeVos, along with top Distributors in the Business, Walter Bass, Jere Dutt, Fred Hansen, and Joe Victor. Jay and Rich would head a sales company to supply products. The Association, renamed the Independent Business Owners International, Inc.® (the "IBOAI") in 1999, would serve as the voice of the Distributor network. The Association's purpose then, now, and always is to promote the interests and protect the rights of the Distributors (IBOs).

The original Association's Vision and Values endure.

VISION: Foster business growth for the good of the Line of Sponsorship!


  1. We believe in free enterprise.
  2. We believe integrity can never be compromised.
  3. We choose to see the good in people and focus on the bright side of tomorrow.

The Dutts, Hansens, and Victors hosted the fi rst Bahama-Rama (Diamond Club) with Jay and Rich. There were 13 Distributorships in attendance at the fi rst gathering. The tradition of recognizing, rewarding, and celebrating integrity and leadership continues with Executive/Diamond Club, now held annually in Hawaii for Diamonds and above.

Today, the IBOAI® Board champions free enterprise with its No. 1 goal being: Fairly represent all North American IBOs regardless of LOA. With the similar vision and dedication of the Founders, the Board focuses on sustaining this life-changing Business Opportunity for IBOs and many generations to come.

In the recent past, through collaboration with Amway, the Board has implemented the Accreditation Plus Program for Approved Providers, established the North American Growth Council, developed an online registration process, revised the Rules of Conduct, and created the Legacy Diamond reward.

IBOAI®: A Strong Voice for IBOs Then, Now, and Always