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Wednesday, February 20, 2019

Volume 7, Issue 2

IBOAI Provides Answers

The IBOAI® is your advocacy organization, established 55 years ago to support the success of all IBOs. On a day-to-day basis, the association provides valuable resources to support IBO success through its website and new app for smartphones. Turn to these resources for answers and tips:

IBO Best Practices

Every month at IBOAI.com, you'll find a new business topic covered under Best Practices as well as a library of previously covered topics, such as Honoring the Line of Sponsorship, the Amway IBO Compensation Plan, and Building a Balanced Business.

Music/Video Copyright Guides

Initiated by the IBOAI Board and its legal counsel, the downloadable Music and Video Copyright Guides found on the IBOAI website can help guide your use of copyrighted materials. For a quick (and extremely helpful) overview, there is also a Music/Video Copyrights Do's and Don'ts page.

Tax Tips

Joe DePetris Jr., CPA, the tax consultant for the IBOAI, offers tax tips for IBOs on the IBOAI website on a variety of helpful topics, such as tax terms and home office deductions.

Business and IBOAI News

Keep current with what's happening during IBOAI Board meetings, IBO recognition events, and more through the IBOAI website, electronic newsletter, Facebook® page, and Twitter® feed.

New Apps!

The IBOAI app for iPhone® and Android™ devices keeps you connected even when you're on the move. Learn more about the app and how to download it at IBOAI.com.

The IBOAI supports IBOs in a variety of ways – promoting the best interests of IBOs, advising Amway Corporation on every facet of the North American Amway™ business, and playing an integral part in the Amway Dispute Resolution Process so all IBOs are assured of a level playing field as they build their businesses. If you have a question or issue, the IBOAI can help you find an answer or solution. Learn more at IBOAI.com.