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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Board Meeting Updates

Below is an update from our June Board Meetings of items that we are able to share at this time. Many topics are still confidential and will be shared with you as soon as we can:

Business Operations Committee:

Digital Update

  • EOMs have been clean…April was a little bumpy with create a receipt function
  • 53 web releases with 3 app releases…changing app platform soon
  • Working to improve customer service and handling phone calls
  • Lots of updates on shopping, customer Dittos processed before IBOs, Check out process, Order management, Business Center, My Shop, Inventory list, etc.

ANA Communications

  • Striving to improve the email communications from Amway to IBOs…First to Know, Leader Engage, Leader Preview, Leader Webinars, Weekly Update, Regional Canada Insider

Nutrilite Organics Protein Powder, Superfoods & Gummies

  • Successful launch with positive sales and organic protein powder outpacing previous protein powder 7 to 1 in sales
  • Strong reviews of taste, flavor and texture
  • The idea of sampling protein powder coming soon in 6-9 months similar to gummy samples
  • Superfoods are doing well too
  • Organic Gummies launching September 7, 2022 in US only…Women’s and Men’s (75mg)
  • Women: immunity, energy, eye, bone health
  • Men: immunity, energy, muscle, heart health

Nutrilite Omegas (launching 2023)

  • 2 new products to replace existing 3

Nutrilite Vision Health

  • Launching Fall 2022
  • Supports healthy aging eyes and filter blue light
  • Eye Mojo gummies for U35 and Vision Health for 40 and older

Kids GTM

  • Launching Winter 2023

Nutrilite Restage

  • New packaging on Nutrilite items starting August 2022
  • Phase 1: Double X, Men’s & Women Daily, Fruits & Vegetables, Fiber, Vitamin B, C, D
  • Phase 2: Supplement packs, twist tubes, targeted supplements
  • Phase 3: Targeted supplements, Kids, Women
  • It’s the same great formula just a different look

Wellness Recommender

  • Great guideline to help new IBOs and Customers with what they need to be taking
  • There is a short and long version
  • Able to add it to My Shop as well with attribution

Ditto Updates

  • Customer dittos are prioritized effective June 1st
  • TNA flag test to alert customer or IBO of item not available

Future State

  • No date yet but working on shoppable lists that you can create and share with others with attribution and a subscription program to increase loyal customer buying

Customer & IBO Registration

  • Customer who wants to become an IBO…flag where customer must log in and register themselves as an IBO
  • For IBO registration working to ease the process and keep it simple

Future State

  • Create a receipt replatform…refresh user experience, improve downline/customer search, optimize required fields and page layout
  • Cart & checkout replatform…streamline & simplify, pivot focus to IBO processes to follow customer process, express checkout, improve downline/customer search

NLA on website

  • Searchable by SKU and name
  • 6 month timeframe


  • September 1st – December 31st with more communication on renewing

New IBO Starter Pack

  • Launched March 23, 2022 and doing well
  • Most popular items in stack are Nutrilite XX 10 day supply, Studio Glow Boss, Variety XS
  • 70% of New IBOs purchasing the Starter Stack do so in 5 days (promo good for 30 days)
  • Top products New IBOs buy if don’t purchase Starter Stack are Variety XS and Toothpaste
  • Goals is to increase awareness and make registration flow smoother for New IBO


  • Maintaining current Promos thru end of the year
  • Ditto point redemption
  • Pay for points option for IBOs
  • Plan to notify customers when pointe expire as well as the IBO
  • AmPerks points expire after 2 years of purchase inactivity
  • Plan to remind customers to use points at checkout
  • Enrollment in AmPerks is expected to pass 500,000 enrollees in June!

Selling Support & Programs

  • Health and wellness goals for IBOs and customers
  • XSelerate Fitness Pilot went well and 10 out of 11 IBOs believe the program will make it easier to sell the products
  • www.xsfitnessprogram.com

Impact of LGS with Silvers, Golds, Platinums

  • Goal is to assist and help IBOs become more profitable
  • Data, Insights, Action, Results is the process
  • Those IBOs who are engaged with their LGS are growing and more profitable

Legal & Ethics Committee

The Committee spent time discussing how to guide IBOs in good bookkeeping practices and utilizing the resources available at IBOAI.com.

The Legal and Ethics Committee had productive conversations with Amway Legal regarding the processes to value an Independent Business when there is a potential sale.

The Legal and Ethics Committee had the opportunity to discuss with Amway procedures for IBOs and prospects to easily find and understand the current Income Disclosure document prior to registering a new business.

The Legal and Ethics Committee stays current on the latest efforts by Amway to reduce the volume of Exporting and Unauthorized Online Sales.

The Committee is collaborating with Amway BCR to update the Quality Assurance Standards (QAS) and Program Standards for Approved BSM Providers.

The Committee also is working with Amway to keep the Best Practices messaging up to date and relevant.

The Legal and Ethics Committee is regularly reviewing The Rules of Conduct for potential edits on an as-needed basis and when needed the Committee reviews language for upcoming notices to the field according to Rule 1 and 10.

Awards & Recognition Committee:

Ensuring proper treatment of Legacy and vested Diamonds at all events, identified areas that need attention.

Renamed some elements of “Family Heritage Strategy” program.

  1. Diamond Successor program : Changed from “Generational Transfer” to “Generational Transition” (Succession).
  2. Legacy Diamond Program: No change- Generational Appreciation (30 yrs of Diamond Club attendance).
  3. Vested Diamond Program: Changed from “Generational Departure” to “Generational Fulfillment” (40 years of Diamond Club attendance).

With ANA’s continued focus on DBR, we discussed additional ways of recognizing DBR.

Company agreed to inform uplines about recognition opportunities earned by their downline (as in the VCS & AmPerks give away at Achievers).

NPC top 20% VIP day will award NPC qualifiers who have the most profitable Platinum months an hit VCS %.

Company will review all new recognition and packaging for awards.

Our meetings were extremely productive and we will share more with you as we can! We appreciate your continued support for your IBOAI!