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Monday, March 27, 2023

Board Meeting Updates

We had very productive meeting at our March IBOAI Board Meetings and will update you below with items that can be shared at this point.

Ongoing discussions about the Heritage Program which includes Legacy and Vested Diamonds … especially with new Amway Staff members, as well as new IBOAI Board Members. This is a vital part of the Awards & Recognition agenda to honor the achievements of those who paved the way for all of us.

Working on possibly repurposing the “Amway Sales pins” to align with VCS and with Bronze when it launches.

L&E viewed a presentation from Joe DePetris on current tax issues that IBOs will be impacted by under current and proposed tax laws.

Amway Business Conduct and Rules department presented an update on the progress and trends with Amway products being sold illegitimately through online/brick and mortar stores and through exporting those products outside North America.

L&E engaged in dialogue with Amway BCR about Quality Assurance Standards compliance, Opportunity Messaging and development of QAS Content and Program Standards.

L&E offered suggestions for assisting BCR department with future AP Calibration Mtgs, AP Summit Mtgs and messaging QAS guidelines to the field.

L&E took part in a presentation and discussion with Amway's Government Affairs team on the topic of legislation and advocacy for policy that strengthens opportunity for Amway IBOs for generations to come.

L&E offered suggestions to Amway on effective methods to process the sale of an IB.

L&E reviewed the impact of Criteria Based Reclassification on Platinums and above.

L&E made suggestions to Amway on methods to inform all IBOs on accessibility of proper income disclosures to be used by all IBOs when presenting the Amway Sales and Marketing plan to prospects.

L&E is proud of the development of the Succession Planning program and with cooperation from Amway the IBOAI intends to help inform the IBO population on the benefits of Succession Planning to all IBOs intending to build a long term generational business.

New Catalogs

Big 3 in September and Mini’s every March & September


  • Lead with need to the product
  • New brand story video launching Summer 2022 in Resource Center

Nutrilite Organics

  • March 23 launch of Plant Protein Powder (US/CA), Green Superfood Powder (CA later)
  • April 6 launch of Immunity Superfood Powder (US) known as Antioxidant Superfood Powder in (CA)
  • Moving from soy to organic
  • Videos located at www.amway.com/nutriliteorganics

Nutrilite Kids

  • Top health needs are balanced Nutrition and Immunity Support XS
  • Aug 10 Watermelon Lemonade XS
  • Sept 7 Bday cake protein bar & Strawberry protein pods

New Product Starter Kit

  • Old kit discontinued March 9…Launching New one on March 23
  • Cost $143-$236 and PV 45-76 ranges
  • Customized where new IBO picks the products
  • 8 full size products to sell for VCS, you choose flavors/colors, 61 free samples included
  • You can buy the branded bags separately
  • IBOs who registered between Feb 23-Mar 23 can purchase this new product starter kit
  • New Product Starter Kit = New IBO Starter Stack

Customer Bundles and XS stacks

  • Launched March 3, 2022…created for mobile experience
  • www.amway.com/customer-bundles
  • Stacks are a customizable bundle
  • 10% discount for registered customers
  • IBO receives 10% discount on PV/BV
  • Free shipping on orders over $99
  • XS stacks launching soon…leader videos coming to resource center

Digital update

  • Past 4 EOMs have been clean
  • Website becoming more stable with 24% decrease in production incidents
  • Technology incidents are down as well
  • Communication channels: email, message center, leader previews
  • Resource center is on site no longer an app


  • Goal is to create an experience for customers and IBOs
  • Short term: prioritize customer dittos first, flag products not available within ditto


  • Launching Q1 in 2023
  • New method of bonus payments for all IBOs

Preferred Customers

  • Look to add $25 coupons to PC cart like the $5 promo is automatically added now
  • Discussed possible communications from Amway to Preferred Customers (include upline)

Partner Stores

  • Adds credibility and extended benefits for IBOs
  • Hotel bookings rank #1 in March
  • Top stores: Disneyland/Disney World, Grocery Coupons, Medieval Times, Top Golf, Amazon, Office Depot/Home Depot

Artistry Go Vibrant Lip Color

  • Launches July 27, 2022 with National Lipstick Day being July 29
  • Shades of nudes, orange, pink, red, plum, brown…18 total shades (10 cream/8 matte)
  • Sheer Lip Balm (clear)
  • Lipstick sampling cards…actual card sample with 4 of each card each shade (20 cards total) launching July 27

Artistry Studio Skin Care Phase 3

  • New & Improved packaging in 2022
  • Self-Tanning Waters launching mid-June 2022, light to med & med to dark options with or without a mitt
  • More items launching in October 2022…

Artistry Skin Nutrition

  • Top selling items are Hydration Gel Cream, Balance Jelly Cleanser, Micellar Makeup Remover
  • All available in US and CA
  • New Vitamin C + HA3 Daily serum
  • Mini Sets are fun, trial size, travel size items
  • 62% of customers who bought mini sets bought full size products

The Marketing Advisory Committee has merged with the Business Operations Committee and are working together now in one really productive committee!

There were many other topics discussed during the meetings at IBOAI Board week that we are unable to share at this time due to confidentiality between the IBOAI Board and Amway. But we will keep you updated on all of this as soon as we can.

We are very encouraged about the future of this great Amway Business!