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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Board Meeting Updates

IBOAI and Amway had discussions on the Resource Center Update.

Some updates have already launched with more to come.

Started conversations on a IBO Kit update for the future.

Updates on the Artistry Skin Nutrition, Phase I and II.

Beauty Holiday Promotions

  • Studio Skin Lip Duo SKU# 308575 $39.50
  • Studio Lash Duo SKU# 308576 $37.00
  • Skin Nutrition Holiday Mini Sets (all systems)
    • All sets include a FREE Gun Sha Stone

Artistry Go Vibrant Lip 3.0 - 2022 Launch

  • Two finishes - Matte & Cream
  • 18 Shades
  • Universally flattering shades that compliment all skin tones
  • Long-lasting, all-day wear
  • Up to 250% increase in pigment from current Classic Lipstick
  • 4x the moisturizing benefits
  • Nutrilite-sourced White Chia Seed Oil soothe & nourishes lips

Artistry Go Vibrant Lip Balm

  • Helps lips look healthier
  • 700% more natural content and 4X the moisture benefit of current Clear Balm
  • Nutrilite White Chia Seed Oil - soothes & nourishes lips, improves skin barrier function, antioxidant protection

Current TNA lip colors and foundations to be back in stock by the end of 2021

Update on Studio Skin, Phase I and II with Phase III coming in May of 2022

Beauty Break 2.0 - Coming Soon!

New format to host an online or in-person Beauty Break

Nutrilite Wellness Guide - Updated Recommender

  • Tools goes beyond just product recommendations.
    • Identifies customer’s health needs & capture VCS
  • Simplifies product portfolio
  • Comprehensive Path - 7-10 minutes to take assessment
  • Focused Path - 2 minutes or less to take assessment

Nutrilite Line Revamp

  • New logo, tagline & brand story
  • New packaging
  • Launch of new Nutrilite organics line

ANA Nutrilite Portfolio will advance organic to make it easier to sell to customers

  • Select botanicals that are certified organic will be called out on label.
  • The first products to do this are the new Men’s & Women’s Daily Vitamin
  • Nutrilite organics line will have the USDA Organic logo | new packaging


Plant Protein - Chocolate & Vanilla Flavors

  • 21G Plant based Protein
  • Allergen Free (Soy, Dairy, Gluten) & Vegan
  • Packaging uses 78% less plastic & includes 25% PCR
  • USDA Organic \ Non-GMO Project Verified | NSF Certified

Men’s & Women’s Daily Multivitamin Gummies

Men’s - Supports Immunity, Energy, Muscle and Heart Health

Women’s - Supports Immunity, Energy, Eye and Bone Health

  • Both have 50 mg of organic plant nutrients
  • Allergen Free (Soy, Dairy, Gluten) & Vegetarian
  • USDA Organic | Non-GMO Project Verified | NSF Certified

Superfood Powders - Immunity & Greens

  • 10 organic superfoods
  • Allergen Free (Soy, Dairy, Gluten) & Vegan
  • USDA Organic | Non-GMO Project Verified | NSF Certified


  • Nutrilite’s first probiotic offered in a capsule form
  • Helps reduce occasional stress
  • Helps fight mental fatigue
  • Helps support Mental Focus and Feelings of Productivity
  • Supports Immunity and Healthy Digestion

*n by Nutrilite

  • #nofilter beauty tea
  • #nofilter beauty sleep gummies
  • eye mojo blue light gummies
  • slay the day focus soft chews

What’s Coming:

  • #nofilter Collagen Peptides - November, 2021
  • #nofilter Collagen Creamer + Collagen Gummies - January 2022
  • Less Stress, More Yes Fizz Tabs - January 2022

Atmosphere Mini

  • use in smaller spaces (cleans 200 sq ft)
  • 3 in 1 filter
  • works with Atmosphere app

Amway Home

  • Pursue Wipes - Update December 15, 2021 Launch
    • Fresh Citrus scent
    • 50 ct. package
    • NEW CoVID-19 and emerging pathogens kill claim.

This claim is not yet available for our current formulations (Coming in 2022)

  • Dish Tabs - Update - January 26, 2022 Launch
    • Up to 15% improved stain removal over previous tablet
    • Phosphate, Chlorine, Fragrance, Dye and Boron Free
    • Over 90% of formula derived from plants and minerals
    • All in one wrapped tablet - no mess
  • iCook Non-Stick Frypans - January 12, 2022 Launch
    • 9 1/2” Non-stick Frypan $200 SR $180 IBOC
    • 11 1/2” Non-stick Frypan $250 SR $225 IBOC

XS Sparkling Water Discontinued

  • Leaking on all flavors
  • Could not identify the cause of the leaks

XS Stacks Update - Dec. 2021/Jan 2022 Launch

  • 3 Stacks to Start
  • Starter Stack
    • Preworkout sticks
    • Muscle Multiplier
    • Protein PODS
    • Men’s or Women’s Daily Multivitamin
  • Muscle Gains Stack
    • Coco Water
    • Pre Workout (tub)
    • Muscle Multiplier
    • Protein PODS
    • Protein Bars
    • Energy Drinks Variety Case
    • Nutrilite Joint Health Supplement
  • Toning Stack
    • XS Energy + Focus (Blister Pack)
    • Muscle Multiplier
    • Protein PODS
    • XS Energy +Burn Energy Drink
    • Nutrilite Lean Muscle Supplement

Working to add the ability to redeem AmPerks/Preferred customer thru ditto orders.

No date for this ability to be added.

Requested help from Amway’s LGS for Upline Platinums to contact potential Preferred Customers.

Extensive communication program for renewal this year to give IBOs the Preferred Customer Option.

Discussed the application of a revised late renewal process for IBOs.

Discussed different ideas to move the Business forward in a positive manner.

Talked about new language for unauthorized online selling/exporting in the weekly Diamond updates.

Discussed Approved Provider (AP) meeting content with Business Conduct & Rules.

The IBOAI Leadership created videos for webinars during the October IBOAI Board Meetings.

Achievers 2021 was discussed at the October Board Meetings. It was a huge success. Amway is looking at options for a hybrid format going forward.

The “Family Heritage Strategy” program has been established. It consists of three parts:

  • Diamond Successor program: addresses Generational Transfer (grooming the next generation)
  • Legacy Diamond Program: addresses Generational Appreciation (30 years of Diamond Club attendance)
  • Vested Diamond Program: addresses Generational Departure (retirement with respect and dignity - 40 years of Diamond Club attendance)

The IBOAI is considering a Succession Planning session for Diamond Club.

Peter Island will not open until late 2023. Currently the company is allowing qualifiers to bank one trip and cash out the rest.

Parts of Grand Wailea for DC 2022 are under construction (this includes the Spa and Napua Tower). Company has evaluated the situation and is satisfied with alternate arrangements.