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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Board Meeting Updates

Below is an update from the June 2021 IBOAI Board Meetings. Much is still considered confidential, but will update you as best we can.

Awards & Recognition Update:

  • Achievers and Diamond Club are during month ends, but these are exceptions due to Covid and availability of dates
  • In addition to Achievers Business Meeting, the company will also move the Recognition event to virtual so we have more open time at Achievers for smaller meetings, LGS meetings etc.
  • Company will include an IBOAI member in a panel that selects hero award recipients
  • Company will allow to bank one trip until Peter Island is ready for those who do not want the other options. Peter Island not expected to open until at least 2022
  • Company is asking for help from leadership to encourage all Q12 qualifies to add an email address to their profile for each attendee (as opposed to each business) prior to Aug 1 so there are no delays in Achievers registration
  • We are ensuring that treatment of Legacy and Vested Diamonds have continuity, especially when there are management changes within the company

Business Operations Committee & Marketing Advisory Committee Updates:

  • My Performance Dashboard will have a complete clean and efficient look come September with New Onboarding information available
  • Continue to help with Inventory List and Preferred customer progression...working with LGS for help
  • Social Media focused on improving call to actions
  • SEO continued conversation to be able to not just feel great about 1st couple pages of content…but also look at how to improve the questions that are asked and the answers that pop up on the 1st page
  • Work on allowing for AmPerks redemption thru ditto
  • Renewal process and focus on “Early Bird” incentives to renew
  • Finalize Preferred customer video for IBO’s who are candidates for the program that can be sent by IBO’s who are growing their business…
  • Mini-Sweepstakes evolving to an AmPerks customer sign up incentive
  • March 2022 Nutrilite Brand Restage Non-GMO/Soy Free/Dairy Free/Gluten Free
    • Updated Packaging on standard Nutrilite Brand
  • Children’s Restage August 11, 2021
    • Multivitamin Gummy;• 14 Vitamins + Minerals + Plant NutrientsTop Health Benefits Claims, Immunity Support, Energy, Bone, Eye, Muscle, Heart
    • 4 in 1 Immune Support Fast-melt powder Vit C, Vit D, Zinc, Probiotics
    • Superfood Smoothie & Fruit & Vegetable Purees Non-soy protein, colors of 5 food groups
    • Brainiums DHA Jelly Splat Brain Health Omega 3’s Unique format DHA, EPA, Organic Chia oil
  • Men’s & Women’s Daily September 22, 2021
    • Men’s Immunity Support| Energy | Muscle | Heart: 22 Essential Vitamins & Minerals Plus 200mg Organic Botanicals Tomato, Acerola Cherry, Purple Carrot, Elderberry, Turmeric
    • Women’s Immunity Support| Energy | Bone | Eye: 23 Essential Vitamins & Minerals + 200mg Organic Botanicals Cranberry, Acerola Cherry, Purple Carrot, Elderberry, Pomegranate
  • Phase 2 Artistry Skin Nutrition September 8, 2021 Launch
    • Artistry Skin Nutrition Renewing Solution System To Replace Youth Extend.
    • Connection of Daily Multivitamins and Skin Nutrition Messaging
      • Primary: Get in the healthy habit of plant- based daily routines inside and out.
      • Secondary: Daily – Plant-based
  • Men’s/Women’s Daily multivitamins to help fill nutritional gaps
  • Skin Nutrition – Clean, plant-based formulas deliver your healthiest- looking skin yet.
    • Highlighting similar plant nutrients within each brand products.
  • Homecare:
    • Dishtab Update October 2021
    • Pursue Wipes October 2021 New, Convenient Pursue Disinfectant Cleaning Wipes – 50 ct.
  • IBO Resource Center Replacement:
    Provide a one-stop shop that enables IBOs to easily access and share content they need to successfully sell to customers and grow their business. Will launch before the end of the calendar year.
  • Protein Pod Update
    Improved/Cleaner Formula:
    • 20g Whey Protein Isolate & 4.4g BCAAs.
    • 90 Calories and Zero Sugar & Fat.
    • Free from Gluten, Lactose, & Soy and Non-GMO.
    • No Fillers or Artificial Colors/Flavors/Preservatives.
    • Keto-Friendly.
    • Food-grade film is completely tasteless and colorless.
    • Updates:
    • US Sample Size Launch: September 22, 2021
    • $4.25 for 4ct (2 Pods/ea)
    • No PV/BV
    • DR Launch: June 8, 2021
    • CA Launch: Q4 2021/Q1 2022
    • Health Canada Approval received 6/11 (1yr after submission)

Legal & Ethics Committee:

  • Update on Mediations. This lead to an extensive discussion on Rule 5 and responsibilities
  • of the Sponsor and Platinum
  • We also discussed Rule 4.12 and implementation in September 2021 and January 2022
  • There was a great discussion about the communication and how Rule 11 is executed
  • Joe DePetris gave us an update on DSA and the IRS
  • Dan Bailey presented some news about the progress on online selling and exporting

We had very successful meetings and continue to work every day to be your advocate!