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Wednesday, March 22, 2023

Board Meeting Updates

Below is a report from the March IBOAI Board Meetings. Most of what we discussed is still confidential and unable to be shared at this time. More information will be available in the coming months.

  • Discussed the Legacy/Heritage program for Diamonds and above
  • Reviewed full PV pricing protocol
  • More discussion on Opportunity Messaging
  • Review of Volume Equivalency
  • Partnered with the Corporation for qualification exceptions, event cancellation payments and other compensation during Covid
  • Reviewed the success of the Fast Track program
  • Designing Diamond Select prior to Diamond Club
  • Partnered with Amway to include the IBOAI and Field leaders on stage at Corporate events
  • Actively worked with Amway on future Achievers, Diamond Club and NAGC locations
  • Looking for more alternatives for Peter Island which it is being rebuilt
  • Update on MyShop personal websites
  • Discussed AmPerks incentives & rewards...especially for Ditto
  • Reviewed Resource Center and Amway assets
  • Working on IBO/Customer simplicity of registration
  • Update on Share bar locations and features
  • Update on Product pages
  • Reclassification benefits...IBOC ongoing/AmPerks
  • Reviewed Nutrilite Recommender
  • Input on New Welcome Kit and literature
  • Looking at addition of gluten free, GMO free, cleaner products with traceability
  • Cutting edge Science and technology skincare and makeup products with the addition of Studio and new Artistry products
  • Update on Gummy Supplements
  • Looking at affordable door opener products
  • Coming soon, new Pursue Wipes and updated Pursue Liquid
  • Majority of discussion at Board meetings was regarding Business enhancements
  • Amway will be announcing a Diamond Webinar soon for qualified Diamonds and after that a webinar for qualified Q-12 and above to discuss more about upcoming Business enhancements for fiscal year 21/22.