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Monday, March 27, 2023

Board Meeting Updates

Our June IBOAI Board Meetings were very productive.  Much of what we discussed is still in process, so still confidential at this point.  Below is what we can share with you at this time:

Revised Comparison Chart for n* by Nutrilite.

Previewed CBD Pro Cream launching on July 22nd.

Discussed the new XS Sparkling Water launching in November.  Flavor voting throughout the summer.

XS Pods launching September 23rd

n* by Nutrilite

  • Largest launch in ANA’s history
  • Get your ZZ’s Kit launch delayed to September 2020
  • Expect to normalize samples inventory in July
  • Phase 2 launching January 2021

Multimask Bundle releasing this month.  Firming, Hydrating & Whitening Masks

Artistry Studio Shanghai & Studio Skin Launch September 23rd.

Clean Start Micellar Makeup Remover & Cleanser Wipes* 30 ct

Glow Boss Cleanser & exfoliator *

Rose All Day Anti-Acne Toner + Pore Refresher *

Spot On! Blemish Dots* 60 ct

Hydro-Prime Light Hydrator + Primer

Zen Daze Ahead Facial Oil* 300mg CBD

Every Day I’m Bubblin’ Cleanser + Skin Invigorator*

Eye Look Rested De-Puffer + Brightener

The Pampered Pout Lip Balm + Overnight Mask

* Vegan

Artistry Essential will be discontinued on Sept. 9th while launch of Studio Skin is not scheduled to launch unto Sept. 23. IBOS will be notified Aug. 26 of Studio Skincare launch. Sept. 23 launch leaves a 2-3 week gap where a customer could potentially be without product until the Studio Skin products launch & ship.

On trend for U35 and Gen 2

  • Micellar wipes 30 count April 2021
  • Hydra V discontinued April 2021
  • Youth Extend replaced by Repair Complex Sept 2021
  • Suggested to Call out Chia Seed
  • New Skin Care will be Entry Premium


  • English, Spanish & Canadian French training videos
  • CBD Facial Oil is the only Studio Skin product not available in Canada.

Studio Shanghai Preview Bundles:

These bundles will be available to Platinums & above for order Aug. 12 with a limit of 2/order.  These bundles will cease to be available for order Sept. 8 in preparation for line launch on Sept. 9.

Preview Bundles - based on skin tone & budget

Aug 12th : Prelaunch bundles 8 products

  1. Light/Medium Bundle $163.80
  2. One Shade Fits All Bundle $129.60
  3. Medium/Deep Bundle $165.15
  4. Get-them-All Bundle (entire collection) $335.20

Preview Bundles will include products and video tool box.

Aug 12 assets will start to go in virtual asset tool box and more assets will be added as

they are finished.

Studio Skin & Shanghai Videos

Product & How To Videos - Customer Facing

  • a video on each product page (9 Skin product videos/6 Shanghai product videos)
  • “Tutorials” for Virtual Beauty App (Get The Look (5)/Makeup & skincare tips/tricks (5)/Skincare prep )

Education Videos - IBO Facing

  • IPL Presentations: Long & short-form IPL recordings
  • Available on Amway Education
  • How to Sell:
  • Studio Skin (1 video for each product - 9)
  • Shanghai product videos for each product category (3-4 videos)
  • Available on Resource Center

G & H Deodorant

Aluminum free formula launching November 18, 2020 in US/CA/DR

IBO Pre-release (October)

Nutrilite Immunity Defense Zinc + Holy Basil - August 26, 2020 launch ( Q1 for CA)

Holy Basil supports immunity & respiratory health

Nutrilite Recommender - Landing page launch late August

Hand Sanitizer - June 23 launch (July 22 in CA)

New IBO Starter Kit Update - Aug. 26 launch

New IBO journal - new cover & updated content

  • 10 pk. of mini catalogs
  • 1 each of brand catalogs

My Shop & Share Bar

My Shop - System loaded products Sept. 8 launch

  • My Favorites products Sept. 29 launch

Working with Amway on Achievement Pins to develop more ways to celebrate early milestones.

Looking at revisions for Achieve Magazine.

Improve VIP Opportunities at Incentive Trips.

Recommended that Amway implement a program to recognize Top Producers of Verified Customer Sales as quickly as possible.

Discussed the Fast Track program and the new Go For Growth program.

Discussion improvements for EDC, Diamond Club and NAGC events.

Talked about future Achievers trips … as well as options for 2020 since an in-person event is not possible.

Lot of discussion on upcoming sampling for Customers.

Looked at ways to make certain that customer volume always goes to the correct IBO!

Discussed options for Diamonds receiving messages in their preferred manner … SMS/What’sApp/WeChat

Much discussion on improvements to the Amway website!!!!

Discussion on ShareBar and MyShop.

Lots and lots of discussion on business model issues.

Thank you for your continued support of Your IBOAI Board.  We are here for all of you ... don’t hesitate to reach out!