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Monday, April 12, 2021

Board Meeting Updates

We had a very productive week of IBOAI Board meetings in June.

Below is an update of things that we can share at this time:

Reviewed the new Welcome Kit launching in August (8/21).

Still $99 with Double PV at registration.

Reviewed floor plan for Expo at Achievers & made recommendations.

Artistry Studio Bangkok edition to launch in September.

Working on updated Makeup Guide and Insider’s Guide.

Samples for new Masks should be available in July for sampling to customers.

Requested deodorant without aluminum again.

Update from head of Customer Service. They are working hard to make it a better experience. End and first of month are the worst times.

They’ve had some experience of IBOs being abusive to reps .. including profanity. We suggested that offenders lose their privileges to call Customer Service.

Had a Resource Center App update and Business Center App update.

Be sure to encourage your IBOs to get their AmwayID now so that they can use these apps.

They continue to improve and will improve more with launch of new site in the USA.

The new web launch went pretty well in Canada.   They’ve made improvements with what they’ve found were weaknesses and those won’t be apparent when USA launches next Fall.

Recommended that we do not encourage customers to get their AmwayID until after the USA website launches.

Reviewed the new packing slips that will be incorporated into the shipping label for orders.

Continue to push them for “clean” products.

All XS products will move to the new packaging announced for XS Energy Drinks.

Looked at education for helping IBOs understand the guidelines and rules around social media and their Amway business.

Continued to look at ways to make improvements to Ditto for IBOs and Customers.

Asked them to make it clear to IBO leaders what it takes for their downlines to receive Amway publications like the Achieve magazine, catalogs and mini catalogs.

Reviewed implementation of Core Plus in North America.

Brainstormed on ideas for customer verification.

Received an apology from Amway Executives for Lady Gaga’s behavior at the A60 concert.

Jackie Nickel (VP of Marketing for North & South America) is no longer with Amway.

The company approved the Vested Diamond Policy- initiated by Jody and followed up by Bob.

Previewed the new Global recognition pins – very nice!

New Platinum Conference (NPC:  Discussed the current process and suggestions for improvement).

Company is still exploring Diamond Club locations in addition to Hawaii periodically based on their survey.

Peter Island is still very much in recovery mode and will be for a while. Meanwhile exploring other options for Diamond Dreams.

Next year’s NAGC will be held in Italy!

Discussed future Achievers locations. And Dallas format and dates (two batches).

As always, the Legal & Ethic Committee has mostly privileged and confidential topics:

Direct Selling Association (DSA) update

Rules discussion

ADR process discussion

Legal updates

Succession planning discussion

Unauthorized online selling & exporting discussion


BSM review

All in all, this was an extremely valuable week of meetings! Thank you as always for your support of your IBOAI Board.