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Sunday, January 17, 2021

Board Meeting Updates

Artistry Studio Mascara will be a permanent SKU.

All other Artistry Studio products will be forecasted for 12 months, but still “while supplies last”.

A new Artistry Studio “City” will launch every 6 months.

New Artistry Brush Set forecast was tripled and they still sold out and working to get back in stock.

Launching www.amwayanywhere.com launching within the next few days to help with the transition to the new website, May 2019 for Canada and July 2019 for the USA.

April 10 the Multi Mask Bundle will be available – Purchase the Bundle and receive a free Silicone Applicator Brush and a Jersey floral Headband ($15 value).

May 22 – Pump It Up Bundle – purchase the Bundle and receive a free sport towel  – will support Father’s Day. Will be last promotion until Fall when the website is fully up and running.

Vitamin B Blister Pack – April 3rd – 30 count – updated conversation card – SR $12, IBOC 10.20, BV 10.20 and PV 3.40

Discussed the Business Center App and improvements when new website launches.

Reviewed how PRWs will look with new website.

Reminded Amway staff that all Amway Social Media posts must mention first for

customers to purchase from their IBO and then second to amway.com.

Viewed new XS packaging launching in June or July.

New Welcome Kit and Product Kit – August 2019 will change mid-month. Keeping pricing the same at $99.99. 

Double PV at point of registration and if purchased a different time 30 PV.

Includes a $20 coupon for customer order.

The term “Ruby Volume” is an internal language, but with IBOs, care will be taken to refer to this volume as “Personal Group Volume”

Recommend Candace, Jim or Rajneesh will call all new Diamonds individually to recognize their achievement and also send a handwritten note

Peter Island still not ready – A&R is in discussions with Amway about alternate warm locations

Company will continue to support ‘best in class’ platinum behaviors.

Separate ANA event at A60 and special treatment of Legacy Diamonds

Current integrated business policy and the progress we have made in the last couple of years.

Discussed IBO leaders participation on Amway stage.

Improved event app experience.

Ongoing discussions on future Diamond Club and Achievers locations.

Update on unauthorized online selling.

Exporting discussion.

Legal updates.

QAS updates and discussion.

Discussed future Approved Provider meetings.

Discussed the need to make it easier for Customers to become IBOs or even IBOs to become Customers.

Looked at options for possible advance orders for new products.

All IBOs and Customers must have their new Amway ID to access the new Amway website.

Find ways to help Customers and new IBOs with shipping around Ditto on the first.

Had an update on DCS ... proposed launch 9/19 with modifications.

There was an issue with the Personalized Serum promotions in the new Mini Catalog so they are offering a 10% discount on both bundles instead of 5 and 10%.

Working on getting packing slips back in all boxes of products asap and will have a new process launching soon that will greatly improve what we have now.

Amway continues to devote considerable time on its SEO Program.