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Sunday, July 22, 2018

Below is an update from the March IBOAI Board meetings.

Awards & Recognition Committee

Discussed ways to elevate the new Qualified Diamond IBO experience at ANA Events.

Qualifying at the Diamond level in North America year after year is a significant achievement for any IBO and A&R is continually seeking ways to recognize that consistency at ANA events.  However, A&R is recommending that the first year experience of a new Qualified Diamond at ANA events should also be worthy of attention by Amway events staff. A&R suggests that there are areas with regards to rooming allocation to accomplish this without changing the protocol for IBO leader room allocation.

The Awards and Recognition committee is involved with the Amway Sales team to seek opportunities to inform and educate the field on the details of the upcoming Growth Incentive roll-out beginning September 1, 2017. A&R is recommending that promotional media be created with the cooperation of IBO leaders to release to the Field that discusses the benefits and rewards of the upcoming GI program as it applies to IBOs going Platinum, Q12 Platinums moving to Emerald and IBO leaders growing their business to Diamond and beyond. Highlights of the enhanced FAA can also be incorporated.

Founders Ruby recognition at ANA events was discussed

Achievers 2016 was evaluated for IBO experience, meetings, amenities and location while advanced planning was covered for Achievers 2017 through 2020. A&R believes that by partnering with ANA Events Staff we can have a better experience for all IBOs qualifying for these events.

A review of the EDC/Diamond Club 2017 experience was conducted with the ANA Events staff.  Overwhelmingly, IBO leaders loved the recent experience at the Grand Wailea and we encourage qualifiers to complete the surveys so the staff and A&R can review the input from the field to make the future EDC/DC events a great success.

The Amway 60th Celebration planning continues and there was additional discussion on the Emerald Growth Forum program.

NAGC 2017 Scotland had a final planning review and it looks fantastic.  Future NAGC dates and locations were also discussed with A&R.

Legal & Ethics Committee

Quality Assurance Standards Review

Legal Updates

Update on Unauthorized Selling

Integration and Succession Discussion

#1 Business Residency Requirement

70% Rule Review

A+ 2.0 update

Business Operations Committee & Marketing Advisory Committee

Reviewed all aspects of the new Amway website rolling out throughout 2017

Deliver a modern, integrated website experience to enable IBO success

Simplified User Experience

Mobile First

Improved navigation - simplified

Improved User Experience

Responsive Design - Mobile & Desktop are exactly the same Easy Shopping & Checkout Cleaner desktop

360 view of products

Improved Business Center

Resource Center

One stop destination

Built for mobile

Multimedia & key links

advanced search

Resource Center App

Amway Owned Music will be available to all IBOs

Amway Regional Experiences 2017

Dallas, Atlanta, Indianapolis, Philadelphia, Oakland, Phoenix, Miami, Anaheim

Partner Store "In Store" Enhancements coming in April for restaurants

Starbucks Special offer for Amway Visa Registered Cards - details later

More consistent content on nutrition information on products in catalogs

Improve packaging of Twist Tubes by June

Customer Service Hours April 3rd

Monday - Friday 9am - 11pm except EOM

9am - 9pm for Diamond Line except EOM

Saturday 10 - 5pm except EOM

Closed Sunday except EOM

Continued to discuss concerns with soy in our products & solutions.

Looked at the launch of the new G & H body care line in April

New "Essentials by Artistry" launching early May

Discussed Mothers' Day Gift Set

Viewed details on the new Sky Atmosphere launch.

30 to 40% American suffer from allergies, 65% of households have pets, 15% are allergic to their pets - over 40% have unhealthy air.

New Sky removes 99.99% of airborne allergens and contaminants - only air treatment system among top competitors to reduce odors like cooking, pet, formaldehyde, mildew.  Removes 130 contaminants 60% more than previous Atmosphere.

These meetings were very productive and we look forward to a very successful 2017.   Your IBOAI Board is here to support

you and we appreciate your support!