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Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Achievers Invitational 2016 in Las VegasWhen it comes to rewarding and recognizing IBO Leaders who work hard to succeed, Amway always delivers. This year, the Achievers Invitational is at the most extraordinary resort on the Las Vegas strip, the Venetian. Surrounded by luxurious accommodations, exquisite art and architecture, designer shopping, world-class dining, and incredible entertainment, Achievers report they "feel like royalty" and "can't wait to tell IBOs back home how exciting this is!" To ensure Achievers is a once-in-a-lifetime experience, marvelous activities and wonderful celebrations are in store this week.

Arriving Monday, December 5, from locations throughout North America, Achievers were warmly greeted at The Venetian by staff members from Amway and the IBOAI®. Following tradition, the IBOAI gave each attendee a signature logo journal and pen for their use during the conference. They also handed out literature on the mission, history, and services of the IBOAI.

On Monday evening, IBOs were treated to a celebration entitled "A Rendezvous in the Park", complete with a lavish array of gourmet food and spectacular entertainment. 

Tuesday, December 6, was off to a roaring start with a sneak peek of the Expo by Qualified Emeralds and above. Expo excitement level: loud and boisterous. Participation meter: sky high! IBO faces: warm and glowing. Once the Expo opened its doors to all IBOs, the overall energy in the room was off the charts!

As Achievers stopped by the IBOAI booth to play a fast-paced and fun trivia game, they were given a trivia tube filled with special treats - and not just to eat! Readers loved the handy IBOAI elasticized bookmark, and were happy to have a sparkling LED glow stick to attract attention, while those with a sweet tooth immediately went for the candy on a stick. But the biggest winners? Those who discovered a gold or silver ticket inside their tube.The gold ticket earned the recipient a YETI® cooler while a silver ticket awarded the finder a YETI tumbler at the IBOAI booth.

When IBOs weren't at the Expo or enjoying lunch on their second day of Achievers, they were participating in pre-planned activities such as golf, ziplining, combat ops, dream flight, or cirque training. In the evening, they were free to dine on their own with a complimentary gift card.