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Wednesday, February 20, 2019


Day Four at Achievers 2014 began bright and early with an invitation-only Emerald + Leadership Forum, following the event theme, "Together We Grow".

Amway National Accounts Director, Angie Polsgrove, opened the forum, remarking on what an amazing week it has been. 

Beginning with the new Emeralds and then any other IBO Leaders who achieved a new pin level stood and were recognized and applauded for their hard work and achievement. Angie's exclamation,"We want one thing for Emeralds and that is to Go Diamond!", was met with plenty of cheers and applause.

Scott Schiedmantel, Amway Director of Performance Drivers, followed Angie with some specific advice on how Emeralds could reach Diamond level. He recommended what Jody Victor always says, "Study healthy leaders" in the Business. They are STRONG:

  • S - Support - Keeps your group together and strong. 
  • T - Training - Teach your team best practices and you'll see results. 
  • R - Retail + recruit. Balance selling, sponsoring and product use for success.
  • O - Optimize - Grow your organization deep and wide for stability and earnings.
  • N - Get new IBOs using the Fast Track Incentive Program. 
  • G - Grow - Focus on productivity.

Next, Legacy Diamond Bill Hawkins took the stage, remarking, "I've been in this great Business for 36 years. I have children in the business. It's been a privilege to sit on the IBOAI Board. Currently, I serve on the IBOAI Governance & Oversight." Bill mentioned his father having a great impact on his life as well as the numerous mentors and coaches he met through the Amway Business. Bill shared many memorable words of advice, including:

  • "Have an attitude of gratitude. Count your blessings each day as my wife Sandy and I do. I'm grateful, but never grateful enough."
  • "Money is a good servant and a bad master. Don't let victory go to your head or failure go to your heart."
  • "Our five senses are no good without a sense of humor."

Bill concluded with this, "No matter what you do in life, involve yourself in other people's lives. There is only one thing we take to Heaven with us and that's other people."

Achievers attended a Nutrilite® 80th Anniversary Presentation, hosted by Jim Ayres, Managing Director of North America, and Dr. Sam Rehnborg, President of Nutrilite Health Institute. 

With humor and grace, Dr. Rehnborg shared the history of Nutrilite, detailing how founders Rich DeVos and Jay Van Andel met his father, Carl Rehnborg. A Nutrilite video depicted Nutrilite's current victories in making a difference in U.S., Mexico, and India by improving the land and local people's lives. They are also building plants in Ada, Michigan, India and Vietnam. 

Additionally, Nutrilite is focusing on Research & Development. An overview of what's ahead was delivered by two leading scientists at Nutrilite. By investing in technology and research, Nutrilite will develop innovative products and tools in the future. It is their vision to become a global leader in Wellness Solutions.

Dr. Micheline Vargas, Nutrilite spokesperson, provided valuable information on questions IBOs are frequently asked: Why supplement? Why phytonutrients? Why Nutrilite? Dr. Vargas advised IBOs to use the tool, "Nutrilite Supplement Recommender" to find the best solutions for their customers. She explained, "Through Nutrilite supplements, we are selling a better life. We can help others change their health and their lives."

As a special treat, IBOs in attendance were each given a signature Nutrilite jacket, and reminded of Gandhi's famous words, "Be the change you wish to see in the world."