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Wednesday, February 20, 2019


The energy and excitement among IBOs in Vegas continued to flourish, as Achievers attended the Biz Buzz meeting on Wednesday, December 3. Popular celebrity Scott Bloom opened the meeting on a high note as he humorously interacted with the audience posing for selfies with the IBOs. He informed everyone the grand finale and outstanding giveaways would take place on their final night - Thursday. Giveaways include a four-wheeler, car and Sea-Doos for a few very, very lucky winners.

As soon as Jim Ayres, Managing Director of Amway North America, took the stage, he insisted the audience rise and give themselves a standing ovation for their hard work and resulting success. He reminded every IBO that you're in business for yourself, not by yourself - and, "Together We Grow", the theme of Achievers. Jim explained, "Success comes with teamwork, trust, partnership and support. It's how the Amway® business works. He also spelled out three ways Amway has improved in support of IBO success:

1. Enhanced customer service, product delivery, digital tech support

2. Additional training for IBOs on the Business Opportunity and products

3. Product promotions including those centered on Nutrilite's 80th anniversary

Jim then introduced Dr. Sam Rehnborg, President of the Nutrilite Health Institute. Dr. Rehnborg spoke of the full-page Nutrilite 80th Anniversary ad in the USA Today.

Additional highlights included a discussion panel on how to fuel your business facilitated by Scott Bloom, featuring Vice President of U.S. Sales, Rajneesh Chopra, and Lisa Hunter, Marketing Director.

Next up? MAC member Maribel Galan and her son, Theo Galan, Jr., reviewing the best ways in which to engage prospects. In short, they spoke of connecting, leading with products and listening to determine their desires and needs. Kelli Victor followed with a brief summary of all the excellent tools available through the Business and how to utilize them. IBOAI® Board member Shivaram Kumar concluded with tips and techniques on getting new IBOs started in the business.

During the Biz Buzz, the winner of the handsome Tumi® luggage set from the IBOAI was announced. A very surprised and appreciative Jason Dutt is the recipient of this fashionable, functional gift from the IBOAI. More giveaways from the IBOAI were selected during the Fuel expo on Day Three.