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Wednesday, February 20, 2019


The second day of Achievers 2014 was action-packed morning to night . IBOs began the day with an informative "Biz Buzz" meeting on all the latest business news and products. Throughout the session, IBOs were inspired and motivated to dream big and grow their businesses, especially when Amway President Doug DeVos took the stage.

During the energetic Biz Buzz, this year's Hero Awards were presented to well-respected IBOs as follows:

Determination - Benjamin McGhie

Generosity - Oscar Oviedo

Leadership - Dexter & Birdie Yager

Patriotism - David & Sharron Coley

Following the meeting, an energetic crowd headed for Fuel, an expansive expo highlighting Amway's exclusive premium brands, digital media and the greatest Business Opportunity in the world - Amway®! Crowds gathered for the Legacy of Clean® demos, samples of BodyKey® bars and smoothies, and Artistry® skincare presentations. The Nutrilite® booth was a proud celebration of its 80th anniversary and how the brand helps IBOs build a healthy business.

To demonstrate their support and appreciation of IBOs, several groups greeted the Achievers as they entered and exited the expo. Amway National Accounts and Business Conduct & Rules mingled with the Achievers, as did staff and Board members from the IBOAI®. Group selfies posted to #IBOAIAchievers2014 were a huge hit at the IBOAI Booth. Be sure to check ‘em out! Great giveaways from the IBOAI were on display - Tumi® luggage, a Bluetooth® speaker with IBOAI logo, and an IBOAI signature neoprene cooler bag packed with XS® Energy Drinks. The lucky winners will be announced later!