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Wednesday, February 20, 2019


The biggest and brightest event of the year is off to a great start in fabulous Las Vegas, Nevada. Achievers arrived at the luxurious Cosmopolitan all day long on Monday, December 1. Following tradition, the IBOAI warmly greeted IBO Achievers with the popular (and always appreciated) IBOAI signature journal for note taking. The IBOs also received an informative brochure on who and what the IBOAI is - an Association formed to support all IBOs in North America. In short, the IBOAI Board operates as the Voice of all IBOs with the Corporation. That’s why you’ll find IBOAI Staff and Board members at every event mingling with all of the IBOs.

On their first evening, Achievers were treated to a wonderful Welcome reception and dinner. The excitement level was high! Smiles and laughter, handshakes and hugs, group photos and delicious food were all plentiful.